Natural Sciences branch library

The library is located in the Erwin Schrödinger Center. She has from Mon.-Fri. 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Sat. unfortunately closed since Corona. Before entering the library, jackets and bags must be locked in the lockers provided. A lock is required for this. There is a machine in the library where you can buy one for €7. Only work materials, books, laptops (without a bag) and transparent water bottles may be taken into the library itself; baskets are available for transport. The lockers cannot be used permanently and locked lockers are cleared out every evening and the contents treated as lost property.

The textbook collection, in which all important textbooks are available, is located directly at the entrance to the library. More physics books are located in the front right part of the library. If a book is out of stock, there is often a reference copy in the library, which cannot be borrowed, but is available within the library. Another option is the Internet portal of Springer Verlag,, from which textbooks can be downloaded free of charge as e-books. This offer is only possible in the HU network.

Computer workstations and your own pool with scanners (A3/A4, flatbed, slide & photo), graphics tablets and card readers are also available within the library. There are 3 copy and printer rooms. A copy/print costs 5 cents and can be paid for with an canteen card. An automate for canteen cards is in the cloakroom.

The media loan period is 28 days and can be extended twice for four weeks each. The student ID is also your library ID. Access is also possible from home via the website Borrowing and pre-ordering the books is free of charge; a reminder fee is only due after the loan period has been exceeded.

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Center

The central library of the HU in Mitte (S-Bahn station Friedrichstraße) only offers a few remaining stocks of physics books, but in contrast to the Schrödinger Center it is open on weekdays until midnight and also on Sundays. This is precisely why it is usually very full during the exam period and you should come very early to secure a place. Lockers are available either for your own locks or after activation with an canteen card.

Literature management

If you want to/have to deal with literature management software, you will find a comparative overview here.