Apartment Search

As you've probably already noticed in one way or another, the situation on the Berlin housing market isn't exactly rosy, but we still want to give you at least a couple of clues for the apartment search here, so that hopefully it works out.

In general, you should start looking for an apartment as soon as possible.  If you are about to graduate from high school and would like to study in Berlin, then don’t wait until August/September to look for an apartment, but at best start looking for offers half a year beforehand.

Especially if you come from outside you should take a close look at all offers, since the current situation is of course also being exploited by scammers or real estate companies who act in a rather questionable manner. So before you sign a contract of any kind, do a background check and visit the respective object beforehand if possible. Information on particularly brazen providers or well-known scams can be found on the Consumer Advice Center website. If you are not sure about a submitted contract, then you are welcome to take advantage of the free telephone advice from the tenancy law advice service.

Here are also a few addresses that we can recommend for you when looking for an apartment.

One of the tips that is probably often recommended to you is to register with the studnent administration, but you have to wait an average of 3 semesters for a place in one of the dormitories. It doesn’t hurt to register first.

There is the Studentendorf Adlershof directly on the Adlershof campus, but this is a private student residence and a little more expensive, but it is directly on the campus.

If you are looking for your own small apartment, you should definitely take care of a WBS certificate for Berlin, provided you meet the necessary requirements. You can also use this to apply for subsidized housing. Not every state-owned apartment that you can find on the portal in Berlin can only be rented with WBS. But here, too, the waiting lists are now very long.

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