Language Courses and University Sports

University sport

The Humboldt-University offers every semester (and in the breaks) various sports courses. Registration starts usually a few weeks before the start of the semester. We recommend that you register quickly for the desired courses, otherwise they are often full. The current deadlines and range of courses for the current semester can be found at:

If your desired course is already full, you can also look around on the corresponding pages of the other Berlin universities, in which you can also take courses and also only pay the price for students. University Sport TU Berlin: University Sport FU Berlin: University Sport Beuth-HS:

Language courses

Courses are also offered in many different languages. You can find information about this at the HU language center at:

Remember that you should take an online classification test before applying to any of the courses to find the course level for you.

Career Center

The Career Center of the Humboldt University also offers courses on job-related qualifications (e.g. rhetoric courses, organization & management, company fouding, etc.). Further information can be found on the side of the Career Center at:

By the way: Modules of the Career Center and Language courses can also be credited to the interdisciplinary elective courses after a successful completion (pick up your certificate!)!