Examination protocols and old exams

For old exams, please send an email to fachini@physik.hu-berlin.de and ask about a specific subject (title, semester, name of the teacher). Prior coordination among the respective students of a year regarding the distribution of the exams is welcome.

Since it is important to us to make our inventory of exams as up-to-date and attractive as possible, we always need up-to-date exams from you.

The best way to send new exams is to fachini@physik.hu-berlin.de or bring them to us. We take what we can get, including photos of exam sheets if they are legible, preferably exams with solutions. By the way, according to §117 of the ZSP, it is permitted to copy old exams while reviewing the exam (It is potentially only permitted to copy your own text).

Examination protocols


HU students can submit examination protocol inquiries to us at any time by email to fachini@physik.hu-berlin.de. The following information is important:

  • Type of examination (preliminary diploma, diploma, bachelor's re-examination, master's degree, minor subject, etc.)
  • Exact name of the examination subject (e.g. Experimental Physics or WP (re-examination) Plasma Physics)
  • Name of the examiner

A link for the corresponding protocols will then be sent by email. Please understand that there may be a possible processing time.


Since it is important to us to make our stock of examination protocols as up-to-date and attractive as possible for you, we always need current protocols from you. For this reason, the request for examination protocols also means the obligation on your part to prepare an examination protocol yourself in order to motivate your fellow students to also prepare their own examination protocols. The grade of the exam is irrelevant. The only thing that is important to us is that the examiner's requirements and assessment weightings can be understood. As a little guide, you can take your requested examination protocols and/or use this template:


You can then simply send the finished examination protocol back to fachini@physik.hu-berlin.de.

Thanks in advance.