Range of degrees and application


There are several possibilities to study physics at the HU. These are:

Monobachelor Physics

Classic basic degree in physics, all subareas of physics are taught over six semesters. A start of study is possible in the winter semester and, since summer 2018, the summer semester. For the start of the study in summer, however, we would like to refer again to our statement for the summer start.

A classic Master of Science (M. Sc.) can be attached.

Combibachelor Physics

A combination of subjects with physics as a major or minor subject. In both cases, the percentage of physic contents is much lower compared onobachelor. This degree can only be started in the winter semester.

Studies with physics as major subject are compulsory teaching-oriented. Therefore, only a Master of Education (M.Ed.) can be attained afterwards. Physics as minor is tailored to be teacher-oriented as well (e.g. Demopraktikum), but can be studied without the educationational science courses. To attain a Master of Science (M.Sc.) additional courses have to be visited.

Some subject combinations are extremely difficult to study (e.g. physics and chemistry). In addition, the geographical separation of the various locations should be considered, many subject combinations have courses at multiple locations, which can result in long commutes and time conflicts.

Master programs

In addition to a classic M.Sc. consecutive master's programs with a technical focus are offered:

Do I want to study Physics?

You should have genuinely asked yourself this question before you apply. Some criteria can be considered: you shouldn't have too much aversions towards mathematics and have to be prepared for large parts of your time being taken up by the studies. Therefore, you should enjoy working with mathematical tools and enganging with the concepts and contexts in detail. If you don't enjoy spending your time with your studies, you will have a hard time. You should also be aware that the physics study at HU Berlin is very theoretical and that the practical relevance comes a bit short occasionally. If you like to tinker and are undecided between physics and, for example, electrical engineering, you will probably not be happy at our university.

The entirety is not supposed to be a disincentive! If you are interested in studying physics and the informations on our site are not adequate enough for you to decide, you are welcome to contact us with all your questions via an email to fachini@physik.hu-berlin.de, or you can make an appointment for a meet-and Greet with students who will gladly meet you and report on their own experiences.

The bottom line is that it is a personal decision on what and where you are studying. Make sure you make this decision well. And don't stress yourself out as much. 🖖


The offered bachelor studies at the department of physics have been admission restrictions free in the past years. The application exclusively occurs online over the Application Portal of the Humbold University. The deadlines stated on the HU pages have to be observed. Students with international admission qualifications have to apply via uni-assist.