How To Elsterexit

Since the upper window flap in the student council room is not barred, it is possible for magpies and other feathered friends to get into the student council room. This acts like a trap: it's easy to get in, but unfortunately the stupid critters can't find their way back on their own. In the panic that sets in when flapping around on the glass pane, it can unfortunately happen that the sofa is covered with shit, so the Elsterexit (TM) operation should be carried out as quickly as possible:

  • makes sure the door to the hallway is closed and the top window hatch is open
  • if possible, get the magpie to perch on one of the metal rails under the ceiling
  • lower the inner window blinds so that daylight only enters the student council room through the upper window flap
  • convinces the bitch that this narrow strip of light is his or her best option. If there are two of you, you can try good cop, bad cop