Examination Board (PA)


The examination board of our department is responsible for all examination-related matters of the students. The main aim is to clarify situations and find solutions that are not adequately covered by the examination regulations. Here we see ourselves as building bridges between the examination regulations and the Commission for Teaching and Studies, which - in contrast to our short-term and temporary solutions - always strives to adapt the study regulations to changing circumstances.

Of course, we also serve as contact persons in the event of deviations from the examination regulations. In this context, we also help to ensure that exam dates are set early and that the correction times according to the examination regulations (4 weeks) are observed. We work closely with the examination office.


We are happy to be able to support students even with unusual courses of study and hope to find unbureaucratic solutions, especially for stays abroad or when changing universities. Nevertheless, certain principles must of course be observed.

In particular, we help with the following issues:

  • Recognition of certificates/exams from other universities (both german and international)
    • Most of the regular certificates with proven comparable achievements are recognized ex officio, with others a detailed examination by the examination board is necessary. As a rule, this is done by the chairperson of the examination board, who then consults with all members.
  • Reset a module
    • If a student fails an exam for the second time (or for the third time if a consultation with the professorial student advisory service is taken), then (in most cases) failing again leads to immediate expulsion - this is very difficult to undo and only done if there are very good reasons. For this reason, there is the option of deferring the module upon request, which again gives you three full attempts to pass the module. The application must be addressed to the examination board, which will make a favorable decision. In particular, this means that the examination board only agrees to deferring a module if there are good reasons for failure and if there are realistic chances of success. Especially for students from the first semesters, the confrontation with the new requirements of independent academic studies is an understandable reason.
  • Recognition of certificates for an intended stay abroad
  • Change to the type of examination specified in the examination regulations

Election and composition

The examination board is elected by the department council. It consists of 3 professors, 1 research assistant and 1 student. In the case of planned inquiries to the examination board, students are welcome to consult the student council and the student representatives first. Students who are currently on the examination board can be found on the committees page.