Committee for Women's Advancement (KFF)


Since the summer of 2008 there has been a Committee for Women's Advancement (KFF) at the department of physics. This is an advisory body to the department council. The commission is - who would have thought it - committed to the advancement of women and equal rights. That means:

  • Financial support for women (participation in conferences or similar)
  • Financing of visiting professors
  • Support for FiNCA (women in natural sciences at the Adlershof campus, initiative to promote young female scientists)
  • women- and family-friendly institute climate (e.g. baby changing room)

Election and composition

The KFF consists of 1 professor, 1 research assistant, 2 employees for technology, service and administration and 1 student. It is appointed by the department council. Subsequent designations are therefore possible at any time.