Mathematical bridging course (winter)

This is about the student council's introductory event, the bridging course, at the beginning of October (which you should definitely attend!). Independently of this, there is also a preliminary mathematics course at the department of physics in September, you can find out more about this here. The mathematics preliminary course is aimed at everyone who has deficits in school mathematics. The bridging course then largely explicitly presupposes this content, see below. Since the mathematics preliminary course is not organized by the student council, it is best to contact the organizers if you have any questions.

Organizational matters

This year's mathematical bridging course for first semester students will take place from October 2nd to October 13th.

If you would like to take part, we ask you to send an email to

You can find more detailed information about when and where/how you have to be in our Moodle course, the HU's online teaching platform. To do this, you have to log in to Moodle with your HU account. The username is the abbreviation at the beginning of your email address (for that would be examplestudi) and the associated password. Then search for the course “Studienanfänger*innen Physik WiSe WiSe 23/24” and register (you don’t have to enter a registration key).

About the bridging course

The bridging course is an initiative of the students of the 3rd semester and is a mathematical introduction and motivation before and for the actual start of the course. The bridging course is offered in the winter semester and only deals with mathematics. Content that affects the university and the course in terms of organization and scheduling is covered on the first-semester trip. But why do we organize a bridging course?

In addition to mathematics, you can get used to everyday lectures (listening and taking notes for 90 minutes). It also offers the opportunity to make new contacts and get to know the people from your semester better.

The bridging course does not simply represent a repetition of school mathematics. The purpose of attending the bridging course is not to master all the content perfectly afterwards. It is intended to provide an insight into the course of study and introduce you to certain content. If you still have deficiencies in school mathematics, we recommend that you attend the preparatory mathematics course at the department of physics or take part in the online mathematics bridging course OMB+ before our bridging course.

In addition to the lectures, we also offer you exercises in which you can apply what you have heard and ask questions. Of course, you can ask us general questions about your studies at any time and we also offer you the opportunity to register in the Physics department's computer pool or for university sports.

Although we generally recommend attending all events, it is also possible to only come on selected days.

Of course, the bridging course is a free offer from us to you.

Information specifically for teaching and biophysics first-year students:

The combined bachelor's degree with the combination physics/maths can freely choose whether they go to the warm-up of the mathematics student council or to our bridging course. We recommend taking the core subject course. In particular, combined bachelor's degree holders without an additional math subject should definitely take advantage of the opportunity to improve their math skills. Biophysics students and other interested parties are of course also warmly invited.

Information for IMP freshmen:

There are introductory events for you too! In general, you are of course also cordially invited to the bridge course and the first semester trip. You can find further information in the Moodle course “Studienanfänger*innen Physik WiSe 23/24” described above.